Concert Orchestra 11/16/11

We are two weeks away from our concert. Where do we stand? In class, we recorded each of our concert pieces, without stopping. This will give us a snapshot of where we are and what we need to do in order to have the best performance possible.

Assignment: Listen to the audio file, then make constructive comments. This self-assessment can help everyone learn and understand where we need to go from here.

Notes: Your comments should be SPECIFIC. General comments like “good” or “bad” are not helpful. Please mention specific measure numbers when commenting. For instance, “At measure 35, violins could have played louder,” or “I really think that cellos had excellent intonation on their melody at measure 65.” Keep in mind the goal is to constructively comment and listen in order to make us better!

Note: If you are using Google Chrome, issues with listening to audio files have been found. Please use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
  1. Have your sheet music and a pencil handy to reference.
  2. Listen to the audio (see links below)
  3. Make specific comments for the piece using the “comment” link below.
  4. Be sure to leave your first name when commenting so that you get credit for your answers!
Sample Formatting:
SONGS OF CHRISTMAS – Your comments here…
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24 thoughts on “Concert Orchestra 11/16/11

  1. Pick up to measure 3 could have been more in tune. Measures 36 and 37 with pizz. seemed together sounded like one instrument. Measure 61 didn’t sound like we were all together. Our low 2s starting in measure 79 on were not in tune. The violins in measure 117 sounded good. Measure 118 was not in tune. The ending from measures 145 through 147 were together, we sounded like on big instrument.

  2. Ok……. well……. um, many problems, but some of it was very nice.
    FIRSTS!!!! Play loud during the beginning!! I had to turn the speakers up to high power to even hear us!!
    Measure 12: Togetherness!! And intonation….
    Measures 11- 34: watch those fourth fingers & sharps!!
    Very nice cellos!!!! 😀
    43: By the beginning of 44, firsts were fading out very crunchie…ly
    56: very pretty violas & seconds!!!
    Cellos!! Your entrance was beautiful!!!!
    67-69: FIRSTS!! own it!!! play loud and proud!!!
    89: LOUD!!! melody!!! LOW b!!! remember to shape your hand position to benefit the keychange!!
    96: louder!! Firsts, it was on the edge of being perfect, but we just need to be loud!! XD
    One before 97: low first finger on E.
    97-101: count. if we all start measure 102 all at different times, it’ll sound weird. 😛
    106: BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    117: BEAUTIFULL!!!!! keep counting!!!
    117: VIOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Super pretty!!!
    124-126: loud and proud!!
    131: 😀 😀 😀 😀 :’D *sniff* so beautiful!!
    137: LOUDER!
    ending: haha, we all need to work on it!!

    This orchestra has the capability of being THE GREATEST orchestra ever, but, we all need to pull our weight around. We just need to celebrate the celebration concert, and come in and out with a bang. 😀 we can do it!!!

  3. Pretty good, sounded better than I thought it would.
    m. 41- 4th finger A’s are out of tune for 1st..
    starting at m. 50 it felt like everyone was getting lost, and we didn’t sound together.
    at m.67 I could not hear the 1st violins very well.
    m.104 needs worked on for 1st violins.
    the first half of m.110- the pitch was off. notes out of tune- 4th finger A for firsts. And then of course m.140-end needs worked on for 1st violins. Overall, we do sound better than we all thought we would.

  4. beginning — pretty good kiinda ouut of tunne in violins
    out of tuneeeeeeeeeeee !
    middle scetions – b flaat !
    stayy together in the hark the harolds angel part !
    cellos — out of tune !
    violins ,, pretty good tremalo
    OVERALLL – prettty good , needs to be bettter in tunne & souund moree passionatte !

    • Good observations… try to give us specific measure numbers so we know where you are hearing the things you hear. (Have your music open as you listen so you can do this.)

  5. -In the begining when the first do their tremolo they need to play louder.
    -when 2nds and viola start they sound VERY out of tune.
    -in mesuare 3 for 2nds no 4th finger a
    -measure5 f# is not played in 2nds.
    -theres no cresendo in the 2nds at measure 18-19.
    -at 40 when violas start they areVERY out of tune.
    -when the violins come in they sound not together and or out of tune.
    – measures51,52,61,62 are really out of tune and not together.
    -70-72 2nds don’t sound like they know the part.
    – in that whole section all parts need to play out more.
    -94 is out of tune
    -101-105 also not in tune
    -102-105 2nds not together
    -1st sound out of tune at 106-117
    – when 2nds come in they sound together and in tune, all the way till139
    -139 – the end there is no force
    -142-143 no accents in the 2nds.

  6. At the beginning, someone’s either sharp or flat (I can’t tell which). Pizzicatos are too soft at measure 43. At measure 78, violas need to work on their F naturals. At 85, cellos cut off the D a little bit too early. After that, violins need to stay together. Finally, from measure 138 to the end, violins need to be LOUDER!

  7. Beginning isn’t together. Measure 16 is out of tune. 24-29 is not together and out of tune. 46 rounds aren’t starting together by section very well. Also a little out of tune. 1st violins eight notes aren’t together.79 F natural. Key change isn’t happening. Trembelo at 102 a little quiter. Low 2 at measure 119. 139 is out of tune a little. Trembelo’s at 142 aren’t together.

  8. In measure #11 1st violins could stay together a little bit more.

    In measure #43-45 sec. violins did good in the pizzicato.

    Measure #78 seconds did good on staying together but a little narpalishious with the F natural.

    Whole orchestra did well on staying together from measures 126-136

    A little to fast in 142 through 145.

    Cellos and basses did good through the whole piece for the most part!

    Maybe more full bows for a louder sound and a tiny bit more work on intonation but overall were doing better and i think we’ll do good for our concert! 🙂

  9. Over all, the first 19 measures were in bad intonation, but afterward it improves. I noticed that on the area of 56 threw 66 or so, the high D is horrible around the board. Also, the 101-102 section could use some intonation work. I thought the ending was okay. The basses overall need to be louder, sometimes i couldn’t hear us.

  10. Violins need to be in tune and together at start, and play high e’s in tune. Also play louder.

    Violas need to play louder during end.

    • Starts out with some good observations, but then you need to provide much more in the way of specific comments. Surely you heard things (good and less good) between the beginning and the end? Have your music open with you as you listen.

  11. 2nds got off too late @34
    the tie-on at 51 also dragged on a tad longer than its supposed to
    we came in late @70 and slowed down for a bit at 74
    some of us played F# at 83 and 88.
    We’re having trouble with b flats
    took us a while to stay in tune at 102
    we mightve spead up between 144 and the end

  12. Songs of Christmas:
    up to 19= really out of tune notes
    19 on= louder!
    48-66=out of tune notes and need to count
    67 and 68=first violins need to work on datt!
    69-73= need to count
    76= remember the key change
    89= more power from first violins
    102-106= first violins…uhhh PRACTICE!
    106= B flat
    126= don’t speed up
    138-end practice and don’t speed up!

  13. I Think We Did Really Pretty!!! We Did Real Well:)
    -Measure 39 the last note plucked wasn’t together
    -Measure 51 was a little out of tune the B
    -Measure 70 wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be,it sounded pretty
    -Measure 71 the 1st’s plucking sounds really pretty
    -Meassure 101 as kind of all over the place
    -Measures 117-End sounds really strong and pretty
    -Measures 142-143 There are no accents
    -Measures 78-87 the quarter notes are out of tune in some places
    But Over All I Think We Did A Lot Better Than What I Expected!!!
    Good Job Yall:)

  14. Measures 3-11, cellos and violas need to work on intonation, it could be because of the cellos shifting to fourth position or the D#s. Violins need to work on their entrance at 41. 47-57 needs work, the notes and even rhythm, I think were wrong, although I can’t be sure because the cellos don’t have anything printed there but rests. I thought cellos did good on 58-72 and 86-117.

    • Specifics, please— What was good? Where did you hear it pulling apart, that we would need to stay together? Give examples to back up your opinion (for example, “at measure 67, violins and violas need to stay together and play in tempo” or “near the end, at bar 125 the firsts need to play stronger but I thought we ended the piece well”).

  15. Although the overall tone of the music can be greatly improved, there were many smaller mistakes throughout the entire piece. At the very beginning, the intonation was slightly off and (from measures 20-32) there were many D and C narps. In the Violin I section, in measures 56-75, a few people were completely off tempo in comparison to the rest of the orchestra. The pizzicato from measure 76-86 for Violin I was barely audible and the slurred eight notes in measures 102-106 need a lot more emphasis. Finally, measures 126-137 need to be a lot more together and the sixteenth notes in the last 8 bars of the song need much more improvement. Although the overall impression of the song is good, these multitude of errors are very important and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

  16. Pick up to measure 3 could have been better in tune. Pizzacato could have been better throughout the whole piece. We need to be a lot louder we have the potential to make this song good but it takes practicing. 46 we need to be better together.

  17. We did okay
    Beginning – 34 – We can use a lot of work here. low 2’s, low 1’s and high 3’s are mostly out of tune. Some people were rushing also.
    35 – 38 – We sounded like one instrument
    39 – The pizz. not together.
    40 – 46 – A little out of tune, but pizz. was together.
    56 – 70 – We need to work on Fs!
    76 – 97 – We did good for the most part, and the violins had a good intro.
    106 – 117 – Could use some tuning.
    117 – 138 – Was good, just need work on 3rd fingers.
    139 – End – We were in tune, just need to work on accents and hooks.

  18. In my opinion the overall sound and tone of the piece was very good. Some Main factors we could work on to improve our group intonation could be how together we are in some measures. It would also help if some areas could be played louder or softer and really exaggerate the markings.
    – In the first measures firsts have to play louder and work on being together.
    – Violins and Violas did good on staying together playing loud and plucking.
    – Measure 44 first Violins could have been louder and worked on intonation.
    – Group could work on notes and remembering the key change
    – Measures 89-106 first Violins need to play louder and really focus on getting the notes exactly right, need to learn notes a little more.
    – The end second Violins need to look up and not speed up and really accent the notes, first violins need to really learn notes, and practice on playing them at the right speed.

  19. Measures 2-19: very bad intonation, especially on the cello’s 4th position.
    Measures 42-45: very good pizzicato.
    On the second tremelo the violins didnt do bad.
    Overall on the arpeggios the intonation was veeeerrry bad.
    102-106: Needs a lot of work.
    Violins need to work on intonation, especially on parts when they have the melody.

  20. The e and g in measures 2&3 are waaay out of tune. Measure 5 was out of tune. the F sharp in measure 9 is out of tune.. probably because of the low one. A majority of the F sharps are out of tune. the mute off needs to be more dramatic. the second D sharp in measure 37 is out of tune. violins are out of tune in measures 40-42. sounds rushed in 46. not together and out of tune in 51-53. 61 is out of tune and no one is playing together!! 70-73 out of tune. need bigger decrease in sound in 73-75. measure 79… yes that is an f natural..& in 80,83,84, and so on. in 86, b flat is horrible. violins tremelo is out of tune. violins are out of tune at 103 and 104. violins are out of tune at 130. 145-147 violins need to learn their part and have it memorized. Some of them are rushing and some aren’t up to tempo. I thought we could have played this piece waaay better than we did. I’m a little disappointed but we do have some time to fix it.

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