Darby Orchestra eNews, May 4, 2016

Time has flown by! It seems as though just a short while ago we were in the middle of holiday concerts and contest preparation, and here it is almost the end of another hugely successful year! I can’t begin to tell all of you how proud I am of our orchestra members here at Darby and all that you have accomplished. What follows is some important information for the end of this school year and also a “sneak preview” regarding Spring Break 2017. Please read on!

Spring Concert:

The Darby Orchestras will give their final performance of the season on Tuesday, May 24 in the Darby Performing Arts Center. This will be a “joint” performance with the Heritage Middle School Orchestras. The middle school portion of the concert will begin at 7:00pm; the high school portion will start at approximately 7:30, with Concert Orchestra taking the stage first, followed by Symphony Orchestra and concluding with Chamber Orchestra. More details will be given to the students in class regarding report times and other schedule details. The May 16 date that was also reserved on the calendar will not be used; the high school will perform on the 24th as mentioned above.

Orlando Tour with Band and Orchestra, March 2017:  

2017 will mark another travel year for the Darby Band and Orchestra programs as we make plans to travel to Orlando, Florida during Spring Break 2017. Orchestra members, please take a moment to fill out the online survey in the email sent to your school email account to give us an idea of your intentions to travel with the orchestra and band. Parents and students, there will be an informational meeting regarding the trip during the spring Marching Band meeting next Tuesday, May 10. The Marching Band portion of the meeting will begin at 7:00pm, and the Florida trip portion will start at approximately 8:00pm. Details regarding registration for the trip (both students and parent chaperones), itinerary and estimated cost per student or chaperone, and timelines and procedures for payment will be covered at this meeting. If you are unable to make it to the meeting, please let me know and I will forward information to you. We are very excited at the possibility of another great tour in Orlando and hope you can join us!

Thank you so much for your continued support of our Darby Orchestras. I look forward to seeing you at our performances and end of year activities! Students, please remember to fill out the survey!