Darby Orchestra eNewsletter, February 19, 2015

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe today (think of all the extra practice time you have today, orchestra members!!). Here are a few updates on goings-on in the Darby Orchestra world:

Florida Trip Meeting: We will hold a parent meeting on Monday, February 23rd at 7pm in the Darby band and orchestra room regarding the trip. Will will discuss the itinerary, behavior expectations, what to bring, meals, chaperones, and medical information. We will also explain how to pick up your child in Florida at the end of the trip if they are not returning with us on the bus. We look forward to you joining us that evening!

Symphony performance at OMEA State Orchestra: Darby Symphony will travel to Reynoldsburg HS (Livingston Ave. Campus) on Saturday, Feb. 28 to perform and be evaluated at the OMEA State Orchestra Adjudicated Event. Our performance time has been set for 3:55 pm, meaning we will depart from Darby approximately 2 pm and return to school about 5:45. Students will receive a detailed itinerary, including exact departure and arrival times on that day to and from school, in class. The event is open to the public, so please feel free to come hear the group and support them! If you do attend, please bear in mind that due to the nature of this event, recording devices of any kind (still or video photography, audio recordings, etc.) are strictly prohibited at the event as per OMEA rules. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Concert Orchestra performance at Hilliard Orchestra Festival (formerly known as COSI): As mentioned in the previous eNewsletter, Darby Concert Orchestra will perform at the Hilliard Orchestra Festival, an adjudicated festival held at Memorial Middle School on Saturday, March 14. I will update everyone as we get closer to the performance day  regarding exact report times and performance schedule.

As we are helping host this festival ourselves, we are in need of volunteers to help with conducting this event. Parents, if you are able to help out,

and fill out the requested information. Thank you for your support!

That’s all for now…. be careful in this brutal weather, and  think spring!!