Darby Orchestra SPECIAL eNewsletter, March 12, 2013—Orlando, Here We Come!

Only a few days left until we board the buses and travel to Orlando for the Darby Band and Orchestra Florida Tour 2013! This newsletter is designed to bring all Florida trip participants and families up to speed on final preparations as the departure date nears.

Final Itinerary

 You can read the latest itinerary by clicking

. Keep in mind that even with a “final” itinerary there may be small changes made as to report times, etc.

Parent Meeting material and Trip Expectations; Parent Pick-Up Form


is a copy of the material we reviewed at the February 11 parent meeting. Students and parents should read this material carefully, as it covers essential information regarding the trip, including:

•Student expectations/ rules of behavior.

•What to bring on the trip.

•How to handle dispensing of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

•Information on filling out the Emergency Medical Form (see below).

•Policies on returning home with parents instead of riding bus home with group.

•Other general information, including contact info for our hotel.

•Parent pick-up form for students who wish to be picked up by a parent at trip’s end, rather than riding bus home. NOTE: The due date listed on all forms is Monday, March 11; however, I will accept forms through Thursday, March 14 (preferably sooner). Please return forms ASAP!

Emergency Medical Form

 In order to attend the Orlando trip, all orchestra students must return a paper Emergency Medical Authorization Form. 

 This is a separate and more detailed form than the one on electronic file with the school. You may not get on the bus without this form properly filled out and returned! Please turn in this form no later than Thursday, March 14 (preferably sooner!).


 Drug Administration Form


for a PDF of the Drug Administration Form for prescription or OTC medications if your student is currently taking any medications. This form is due no later than Thursday, March 14.

Optional Trip Insurance information

Our tour company offers optional trip insurance for an additional cost if you wish to avail yourself of it. Click

        for the information letter and form.

Loading of equipment

We will load equipment after school (and possibly during 7th period class) on Wednesday, March 20th. Orchestra students going to Florida must be present to help with proper packing and loading of instruments (the equipment van leaves earlier than the tour buses).

Violin and viola players, if you have concerns about loading your small instrument on the equipment truck (due to instrument value, concerns over possible effects of weather, etc.), please inform Mr. Riegel ASAP so alternative arrangements for transporting your instrument can be made. (I hasten to reassure you that the equipment handlers are extremely careful to pack instruments tightly and securely so no damage occurs, and that we have never experienced any issues with instruments on Orlando trips in the past.)

Cello and bass players, it is assumed that you will use a school-owned instrument for the trip. Cellists, if you own a hard-shell case for your home instrument, please plan to leave your home cello at home and use the hard-shell case to transport your school cello. We also have 3 school-owned hard-shell cello cases we will use. Any remaining cellos can be packed in the cordura bags owned by the school.  Bassists may use the school-owned cordura bass bags to transport school basses and bows. Please make sure all cello and bass cases and bags have an identification tag attached to them, clearly labeled with your name and Darby High School contact information.

As always, please feel free to email me at john_riegel@hboe.org if you have any further questions or concerns!