Celebration Concert Week!

A reminder to all Darby Orchestra members– this is the big week! Our rehearsal/ performance schedule, as listed previously here on the website calendar and discussed at length in class, is as follows:

Tuesday, Dec. 5:  Dress rehearsal, 2:45 pm. 

Report to the auditorium seats at 2:45 for instructions on where to go next, how the rehearsal will work, etc. You should bring study materials/homework to have something quiet to do during the times when you are not on stage performing. You are strongly encouraged to keep any valuables (this would include electronic devices) locked up and secure, as you will not be permitted to have phones/iPods etc. on stage. All orchestra members will need to stay for as long as necessary until you are dismissed after your group’s last piece in order to obtain your point credit for this rehearsal.

Wednesday, Dec. 6 and Thursday, Dec. 7; Celebration Concert performances, each beginning at 7:00 pm. Orchestra members report by 6:30 pm.

Although the majority of the orchestra performances will take place in the second half of the program, members will need to report early in order to find parking, change into full uniform and not disrupt the performance once it has begun. Orchestra members should have all been fitted for full uniform by now; any hemming of trousers and dress seams is the student’s/family’s responsibility and students have been advised that they needed to take care of these items as soon as possible (please remember to not cut off any excess material but sew it up inside the garment so that it can be let out later for another student as needed). Please refer to the uniform regulations in the

for more information about acceptable accessories, proper dress shoes, etc.

We look forward to all family and friends in our community joining us for what has truly become a Darby seasonal tradition. Best wishes for the coming season!